At this time we have limited availability for new clients.  We are not able to take bookings more than 2 months in advance. Please note we do not maintain a waitlist for new clients.

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Welcome to the Centre for Clinical Psychology

We believe that individuals can create meaningful and lasting changes in their lives whether this is recovery from trauma, transitioning well into parenthood or moving forward through anxiety or depression.  We also assist people to build stronger relationships.  We know that change is possible.

At the Centre for Clinical Psychology we have a specific focus upon assessment and treatment for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and complex trauma conditions using Cognitive Processing Therapy.  We also have expertise in support and treatment for individuals with Perinatal Mental Health conditions, from preconception through to early parenthood.

Our psychologists also provide mental health assessment and treatment for a range of other mental health conditions including (but not limited to) anxiety and depression.  Our team of clinical psychologists are highly trained mental health professionals with a commitment to high standards of practice and evidence-based treatment.  You can find out more about our psychologists on the OUR TEAM page.

You can find out more about Cognitive Processing Therapy for PTSD on our about CPT page. See videos of clients from the Centre for Clinical Psychology who have completed CPT describe their experiences during therapy and their recovery from PTSD.

We train other psychologist in the delivery of evidence based therapies, if you are a psychologist looking for additional information, please visit our other website – CLICK HERE.

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Meet Our Team

Naomi de Weger

Clinical Psychologist, BPsychSc, GradCertNarrativeTher, GDipPsych, MClinPsych, MAPS

Jordana Mac

Clinical Psychology Registrar, BA/BEd, GDipPsych, GDipPsych (Adv), MPsych (Clinical), MAPS

Dr Sarah Stewart

Clinical Psychologist, BASc, Pgrad Dip (Psychology), DPsych (Clinical) MAPS FCCLP

Jodi Clarke

Clinical Psychologist, BPsychSc (Hons), MPsych (Clinical)

Tracey Ramsey

Clinical Psychology Registrar, BPsychSc (Hons), MPsych (Clinical

Clinical Psychologist Emma Nicholls

Dr Emma Nicholls

Clinical Psychologist, B.A (Psych), PG.Dip.Psych, D.Psych (Clinical)

Clinical Psychologist Ahona Guha

Dr Ahona Guha

Clinical Psychologist, B.A. (Psych Hons), B.A. (Psych), Dpsych (Clinical and Forensic)

Dr Ali Schnabel

Clinical Psychologist, BAppSc (Psych)(Hons), DPsych(Clin)

Clare Bellhouse

Clinical Psychologist, BA, GDip (Psych), MPsych (Clinical), MAPS

Dr Sarah Carron

Clinical Psychologist, BSc (Hons), GDip (Psych), DPsych (Clinical)

Letty Tumbaga

Clinical Psychologist, BS(Psych) Honours, MPsych (Counselling), MPsych (Clinical), MAPS FCCLP

Gladys Johannessen

Clinical Psychologist, BA(Psych) MPsych(Clin) MAPS MACPA

Emily Mawson

Clinical Psychologist, BA Hons(Psych) MPsych(Clin)

Neil Wilson

Clinical Psychologist, BA(Psych) GradDip(Psych) MPsych(Clin) MAPS FCCLP

Dr Emma Symes

Clinical Psychologist, BAppSc, BSci (Hons), DPsych (Clin), MAPS FCCLP

Dr Jon Finch

Clinical Psychologist, BAppSc, BSci (Hons), DPsych (Health), MAPS FCCLP

Amy Dostal

Practice Manager

Michelle Saffin

Practice Manager

Luke Bowden

Administrative Team

Sonia Dutta

Administrative Team

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