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Melbourne’s Trusted Postnatal Depression Psychologists

Welcoming a new baby to your family can be an exciting and blissful time for mothers and fathers alike. However, in the weeks or months following a birth, one in seven women and some men often find themselves feeling sad, hopeless and anxious instead. This experience can be an indicator of postnatal depression (PND), which takes a toll on the mental, physical and emotional health of those who are living with it.

The good news, however, is that PND can be treated with dedicated therapy. We at the Centre for Clinical Psychology specialise in providing support for those who are experiencing postnatal depression from our Melbourne clinic.

If you’re struggling with postnatal depression and are looking for professional help, please get in touch with us on 03 9077 0122.


What is postnatal depression?

Postnatal depression is a mental illness that can affect new parents – particularly women – one month to one year after the birth of a baby. Unlike the ‘baby blues’, PND does not simply go away if left untreated. Those who are living with PND often find it extremely challenging to adjust to life with a new baby, feel intense guilt, sadness and hopelessness and, in some cases, may even feel numb to any emotion at all.

What are the symptoms of postnatal depression?

Some of the most common signs that a new parent may be suffering from postnatal depression include:

  • Having a consistent low mood.
  • Feeling like an inadequate or ‘failure’ of a mother.
  • Frequently feeling exhausted, sad, anxious and worthless.
  • Experiencing trouble sleeping or having intense nightmares.
  • Feeling scared or anxious about leaving the house or being alone.
  • Feeling extreme worry about the new baby.

How we can help you

While PND is extremely difficult to live with, the good news is that it’s treatable. Effective forms of treatment include postnatal counselling, psychotherapy, group treatment and even medication.

We at the Centre for Clinical Psychology are proud to offer specialised treatment to new mums who may be dealing with PND. Our postnatal depression psychologists are fully qualified, highly experienced and committed to using evidence-based therapies to help parents manage and overcome their experience of PND and adjust to this major life transition.

Postnatal depression in men

While women are most at risk of developing PND, it is possible for new fathers to also experience this mental illness. The reasons for this are similar to that of new mothers, as the lifestyle transition, change in responsibilities and worry about the new baby can take its toll on their mental health.


When should you seek postnatal counselling?

If you or your partner are exhibiting signs of postnatal depression, it’s important to seek help sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, PND doesn’t simply ‘get better’ with time, so effective treatment is essential to overcoming the hurdles that are stopping you from living a happy, healthy life with your family.

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