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Access Telehealth Psychologists & Counselling Sessions from Home, Anywhere In Australia!

In response to the recent outbreak of COVID-19, the Australian government has extended its Telehealth initiative for online psychology sessions. This ensures that people who want to seek professional mental health support can access Medicare-rebated sessions from the comfort of their own home.

Here at the Centre for Clinical Psychology, we are as committed as ever to offering highly effective and easily accessible therapy for those who want to manage and overcome mental illness. In accordance with the Telehealth initiative, our team of experienced psychologists are now available for online phone or video therapy.

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Are online psychologist services as effective as in-person sessions?

We know that online therapy may feel quite daunting for some people. You might even be wondering whether you will receive the same benefits from a video or phone session as you do from an in-person appointment. The good news, however, is that research has shown video sessions to be just as effective as face-to-face therapy. This means you can book a Telehealth appointment with confidence knowing you will be getting the help you need – you’ll simply be trading our Carlton office for your living room, bedroom or office.

Here at CCP, we provide the same style of therapy whether you access it online or in person. Our evidence-based approach gets to the core of your thoughts and feelings, helping you to overcome problems such as depression, anxiety and stress and PTSD. To access this effective form of remote therapy, all you will need is a reliable internet connection, a smart device with a camera, a phone and a private space to conduct the session.


Can you access Medicare rebates with psychologists online?

Telehealth sessions are made even more accessible with the ability to bulk-bill or offer Medicare rebates for eligible clients. The only difference to your regular in-person session is that you will need to assign your therapist the right to provide a rebate via email or signature before your Telehealth appointment commences.

Our team are experienced in providing online psychologist services and will assist you with all necessary steps before your initial session. At all stages, we endeavour to provide you with simple and effective access to professional mental health treatment.

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If you have any questions about the Telehealth program, or if you would like to book a session with one of our psychologists, please contact us on 03 9077 0122 today or fill out the contact form below.

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Meet Our Psychologists & Counsellors Online Via Telehealth

Naomi de Weger

Clinical Psychologist, BPsychSc, GradCertNarrativeTher, GDipPsych, MClinPsych, MAPS

Jordana Mac

Clinical Psychology Registrar, BA/BEd, GDipPsych, GDipPsych (Adv), MPsych (Clinical), MAPS

Emma Anderson

Clinical Psychologist, BPsychSc (Hons), MPsych (Clinical)

Dr Sarah Stewart

Clinical Psychologist, BASc, Pgrad Dip (Psychology), DPsych (Clinical) MAPS FCCLP

Jodi Clarke

Clinical Psychologist, BPsychSc (Hons), MPsych (Clinical)

Clinical Psychologist Emma Nicholls

Dr Emma Nicholls

Clinical Psychologist, B.A (Psych), PG.Dip.Psych, D.Psych (Clinical)

Clinical Psychologist Ahona Guha

Dr Ahona Guha

Clinical Psychologist, B.A. (Psych Hons), B.A. (Psych), Dpsych (Clinical and Forensic)

Dr Ali Schnabel

Clinical Psychologist, BAppSc (Psych)(Hons), DPsych(Clin)

Clare Bellhouse

Clinical Psychologist, BA, GDip (Psych), MPsych (Clinical), MAPS

Dr Sarah Carron

Clinical Psychologist, BSc (Hons), GDip (Psych), DPsych (Clinical)

Letty Tumbaga

Clinical Psychologist, BS(Psych) Honours, MPsych (Counselling), MPsych (Clinical), MAPS FCCLP

Gladys Johannessen

Clinical Psychologist, BA(Psych) MPsych(Clin) MAPS MACPA

Emily Mawson

Clinical Psychologist, BA Hons(Psych) MPsych(Clin)

Neil Wilson

Clinical Psychologist, BA(Psych) GradDip(Psych) MPsych(Clin) MAPS FCCLP

Dr Emma Symes

Clinical Psychologist, BAppSc, BSci (Hons), DPsych (Clin), MAPS FCCLP

Dr Jon Finch

Clinical Psychologist, BAppSc, BSci (Hons), DPsych (Health), MAPS FCCLP

Amy Dostal

Practice Manager

Michelle Saffin

Practice Manager

Luke Bowden

Administrative Team

Sonia Dutta

Administrative Team

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