Our Story

After working for many years in public mental health systems, the principal psychologists at the Centre for Clinical Psychology decided to establish a service with a focus upon evidence-based therapy.  They wanted to develop a service which provides comprehensive assessment and skillful treatment with a focus upon goal setting and measurable outcomes.  They also wanted to create a practice where clients can collaborate openly, and feel respected, listened to and understood.  At the heart of good therapy is a strong working relationship between client and therapist.

At the Centre for Clinical Psychology we aim to go beyond the management of surface concerns.  We seek to provide therapy to address core issues.  For example, it is quite common for relationship problems to overlap with concerns such as anxiety, depression and PTSD.  Many of our clients who have had traumatic experiences, report improvements in their relationships when their trauma symptoms have been adequately treated.  Similarly, when individuals present seeking help for postnatal depression, they tend to find that once the depression is adequately treated,  other symptoms such as anxiety, irritability and the quality of their relationships also tend to improve.

At the Centre for Clinical Psychology we focus upon the delivery of high quality practice based on the translation of research.  Our psychologists are highly trained and experienced clinicians who are involved in regular supervision and ongoing professional development.

We seek to first gain an in-depth understanding of your difficulties, and work with you to create change and new perspectives.

We know that change is possible. 

People can recover from trauma.  New meanings and growth can be forged by working through psychological difficulties.  Relationships and wellbeing can be improved.