ADHD Assessment: Is it For Me?


Do you find it challenging to focus on tasks, complete projects, organise your thoughts or maintain routines? Do you often feel restless and overwhelmed by your responsibilities? 

If these descriptions resonate with you, then you might consider seeking an assessment for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). 

The Centre for Clinical Psychology offers ADHD assessment.  We can also support you with understanding and coming to terms with a diagnosis and any associated concerns.  We can also help you with therapy around issues related to self-image and self esteem, as well as building upon your strengths.  We also provide mental health treatment for co-occurring mental health difficulties.  

Mental Health Assessment and Treatment

Adults with ADHD have a higher rate of mental health difficulties than those in the general population (Kessler 2006).  Adults with undiagnosed ADHD may experience anxiety, depressed mood and low self esteem.  It is also likely that adults with undiagnosed ADHD have had their challenges misattributed to other factors, such as laziness or character flaws.  Accurate assessment can be important to provide a clear picture of what is really going on, and help the individual and their loved ones develop strategies to manage effectively.  Our experienced team of clinical psychologists can help.

ADHD Assessment

The Centre for Clinical Psychology provides comprehensive assessments for ADHD, which involves an exploration of your medical and developmental history as well as the impact of your symptoms upon your daily life, using ADHD-specific rating scales and clinical interview.  The assessments consider your functioning across a variety of environments such as work, school, and home.

Our team of psychologists also rule out other conditions and provide a report with treatment recommendations to help you develop strategies and skills to manage ADHD. We can also assist partners and other family members to support and better understand the person with ADHD.  

If you suspect you may have ADHD please contact the Centre for Clinical Psychology to learn more about our assessment process or book a consultation by calling 03 9077 0122 or book online via our website

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