Dr Damon Ashworth

Dr Damon Ashworth2020-07-28T15:12:59+10:00
Damon Ashworth Clinical Psychologist

Damon is a clinical psychologist with over 8 years of experience. He has a particular interest in supporting the mental health and wellbeing of adults and adolescents with sleep difficulties, post-traumatic stress and chronic health issues. He is also interested in assisting individuals with depression, anxiety, work stress, relationship difficulties and addictions.

Damon completed his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Monash University. His Doctoral research was a randomised clinical trial that significantly reduced insomnia and depression severity in participants using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I).

He has experience working in public mental health services, including adolescent and adult mental health services and hospital settings. Most recently, Damon spent 18 months assisting the Vanuatu Government’s Ministry of Health as a Mental Health Specialist under the Australian Volunteer Program. Being the only Psychologist in a country with over 280,000 people across 83 islands was both a challenging and rewarding experience for Damon.

Damon applies all of the knowledge that he has learnt throughout his research, studies, clinical placements and personal experiences to help his clients to a greater understanding of their difficulties, and to develop strategies to improve their psychological health and well-being.

Dr Ashworth takes a client-centred approach to treatment and aims to reduce distress and improve well-being in clients while helping them to achieve their goals. He practices mostly from a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy framework, but also utilises Existential, Psychodynamic, Interpersonal, Humanistic, Schema Therapy and Positive Psychology principles where clients will benefit from such approaches. Dr Ashworth is passionate about the field of Psychology and always aims to apply the latest empirical findings to best help individuals meet their psychological and emotional needs.