Get Effective Mental Health Help at Collingwood’s Trusted Psychology Clinic

Living with mental illness is never easy, but with the right help you can begin to manage and overcome the difficulties you’re facing. Here at the Centre for Clinical Psychology, we offer state of the art, evidence-based therapy to help people throughout Collingwood, Fitzroy and surrounding areas live their happiest, healthiest life.

Specialising in PTSD, trauma and perinatal psychology, we are proud to be a trusted team of professionals that locals turn to when they are in need of support. Get in touch with us today on 03 9077 0122 to book your first appointment!

Access effective therapy from the comfort of your own home

For people who live remotely or who are unable to leave their home, the Telehealth initiative makes accessing effective therapy incredibly easy. This approach is where one of our clinical psychologists connects with you via video link or phone call to conduct your therapy session. You will simply need access to a reliable internet connection, a phone or laptop and a private space in which you can talk openly.

Although these sessions do not take place in the ‘usual’ setting, video therapy is known to be just as effective as in-person sessions. Our team of psychologists use the same evidence-based techniques to ensure you can manage and overcome mental illness, no matter what you may be going through.

Seek help from our team of trauma and PTSD psychologists

It is common for people who experience highly distressing or traumatic situations throughout their life to develop mental illness as a result. This can manifest in many different ways – such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression and anxiety – and unfortunately does not simply ‘go away’ with time.

Here at CCP, we are dedicated to supporting those members of our community who are dealing with complex mental illness due to past trauma. Our team of PTSD and trauma psychologists are highly trained and experienced in helping trauma survivors manage their mental health and adjust to any major life changes.

Offering specialised treatment for perinatal depression

In addition to trauma and PTSD recovery, our psychology clinic is dedicated to helping new mums and dads overcome mental health conditions and adapt to their changing lifestyle. We are proud to have a number of perinatal psychologists among our staff, each one offering a highly effective, evidence-based approach for overcoming conditions such as pre- and post-natal depression. With the right therapeutic approach, you and your partner can overcome feelings such as sadness, anxiety, guilt or hopelessness that may be impacting your wellbeing.

Book your first appointment today!

Regardless of what mental health difficulties you are facing, our team of clinical psychologists are here to help. Book your first appointment with one of our professionals by giving us a call on 03 9077 0122.